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Wolves River Laurel Poster.jpg

"Dunlop – who also wrote, edited, produced, shot, and co-wrote the score – is a true force of nature. He favors a contemplative mood, with static and slowly panning shots, gently luring the viewer into his twisted world. The filmmaker introduces several disorienting jump-cuts to the mix to reflect the protagonist’s disheveled state of mind. Everything in Wolves is immersed in monochrome gray, tar-black, and eggshell-white. From the gorgeous opening shot of a person jogging down by a river, streetlights reflected on its dark surface, to the final, restaurant-set sequence, Dunlop creates an atmosphere of unease and subliminal tension …one of the most disturbing films of the year."
           - Alex Saveliev

Now streaming and on DVD/Bluray.

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